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Updated at 26.01.2021

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The true legend of every gambling zone on the Earth. Roulette game gained traction especially in Australia. We do not know why but pretty sure it comes down to the core principles. Fast-paced action, fun and captivating visual presentation, easy to understand gameplay. The advent of internet gambling made it even more popular between aussies. But it is somewhat hard to choose the right casino to play online roulette.

Where to spin the wheel

Today’s competition between various gambling houses benefits regular users greatly. While choosing a casino to play you need to keep in mind these features:

  • welcome bonuses;
  • daily promotions;
  • tournaments;
  • the official app to play games on PC, smartphone or tablet;
  • races;
  • loyalty program;
  • deposit multipliers;
  • promotional codes.

We have compiled this rating leaning on a feedback from online casino users:

  • Jackpot City;
  • BitStarz;
  • Betmaster;
  • Playamo;
  • Kahuna;
  • Fairgo.

These casinos have exceptional reputation and great selection of games which can be played for free online, roulette included. We are also taking in consideration how convenient it is to use desktop and mobile versions of their websites. Many users, who start playing online first, are strangers to traditional gambling. They avoid any table games preferring slots. Playing roulette online is a great way to start exploring this niche of gaming.

Live Roulette

Newcomers should acknowledge the 3 main parts of roulette:

  • the table;
  • the rules;
  • the bets.

Game is taking place on the special table with the wheel attached to it. The surface is covered in expensive fabric with betting regions painted atop. It is simple to play roulette, rules are not that hard to memorize.

  1. At the start, the croupier should announce that the game is open for betting, then he drops the ball on the wheel.
  2. The ball gets deflected by the slope and starts rolling. The end of the betting process is announced.
  3. Then it lands on a random number. Winners get announced.

In the popular version of the game called American casino roulette the wheel has 0, 00 and the numbers from 1 to 36. The best place to look up a technical info is various roulette forums.

Let us talk about the most compelling part of the whole loop. Live roulette table has dedicated space to place your bets on. There are 14 types of wagers in total. Check out the most profitable ones.

  1. Basket. Let you bet on the number between zeroes and 3 with roulette payouts of 6 to 1.
  2. To double the amount of money choose the Low/High, Color or Even/Odd wager. They let you multiply your bet by 2.
  3. High roller’s choice is the Single number with 35 to 1 ratio.

The wager amount will determine the outcome. Speaking of the devil, many players suggest this game is a better place to make huge winnings. Let us find out why.

What is it all about

The second most played game in many internet casinos is online roulette, Australia gambling community is praising it for the following features:

  • fun to watch;
  • it is possible to win 36 times more cash with the right wager;
  • pretty easy to get into it;
  • have a space to develop and use winning roulette strategies.

The only drawback to this is the delay between the bet and the result, but come on, is not the anticipation making the whole process so enjoyable to participate. Moreover, you can make a living by just gambling using the right method of betting.

Hit the pot smartly

Use mathematics coupled with many observations to get the profit. We are interested in working roulette tips and systems only. You can use Martingale strategy doubling the bet after each loss or Paroli doubling the bet after each win. Labouchère system allow to make profit using flexible bets determined by the flow of the game

Finally, playing using D'Alembert let you calculate the time of the next win using the data from the losses. Do not hesitate to try these strategies out, but first of all it would be a good idea to choose the best type of this activity.

How many slots on a roulette wheel?

The origin of the game is France but modern versions of roulette have changed drastically since then. There is not much difference between them, but it also means they are easy to distinguish.

  1. French Roulette. Have 37 symbols including single 0 and the house edge of 2,7%.
  2. American Roulette. Have 38 symbols including double 0 and the house edge of 5,26%.
  3. Vegas Roulette. Have 39 symbols including double and triple 0 and the house edge of 7,69%

House advantage (edge) is an estimated amount of money lost during the session. To be honest, it does not matter much. The main activity is still making a bet and waiting for the ball to hit it!


Almost 90% of non-slot gambling by various vendors are tied to cards or dice. Roulette Australia keeps feeling like a breath of fresh air. It is definitely something hypnotizing in the ball descending in the spiral until the satisfying click.

Win or lose, why not find out for yourself! You can even play free online roulette in demo mode. If there is any problem with payout after a successful session in roulette, chat with customers service available 24/7 live.


Is there a way to boost the bank early?

Of course! All the casinos offer scattering welcome bonuses to newcomers.

Can I play roulette legally in AU?

Yes, in physical casinos. Virtual roulette is banned, but all the responsibility is on gambling houses. You are not risking anything while playing it online if you have found a way.

Where I can read about more winning strategies?

Professional players recommend Secret of Winning Roulette by Marten Jensen. This book can teach you the basics as well as advanced strategies.

Why cannot I withdraw the winnings from the casino site?

If you have played using granted bonuses they have wagering requirements, means you need to gamble more to unlock them for payout. Casinos also have a minimal amount of money which can be withdrawn.

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