A Guide For Beginners at Roulette

Roulette is quite simple, but at the same time a specific game. The fact that the basic component is built in such a way that it is very difficult to win. And this explains the huge possible gain of the user. Roulette is quite often attracts newcomers, due to various factors.

  • advertising with “guaranteed winnings”;
  • high payouts;
  • the simplicity of the gameplay;
  • convenient bets.

But gaming practice has repeatedly proved that roulette is not everything simple. And novices quite quickly gave up the very desire to play. It turned out to be exactly the same mistake as waiting for an easy win. roulette is called “the most capricious and harmful game”. Therefore, you should listen to those who have played it enough.

The systems are powerless


It is this statement that can be found among those who played roulette for many hours. Who understands the essence of the game and understands how to play. And at the same time you should not break the full version of the phrase “popular systems are powerless – play your own way. And if you consider only the first part of the phrase, you should pay attention to the following. In theory, the game on popular systems with rates of 1k1 seems attractive and easy. In practice, if you are very puzzled by the question and parse everything in detail from a mathematical point of view, then often the win on these systems is a penny (maximum 1 size bet).

So, how to play?

Of course, a beginner should rely on some system. But it should be remembered that the system itself has become available to the public, which seems to be winning. In fact, it is. A system, any system, is a winning one because it is already tested. It is only a question of the size of the winnings. It does not always meet expectations. Therefore, the first one is to re-check the system by yourself. Separate the stages of the game, losses and profits, and then summarize and compare them. If the result is satisfactory, you can play. And if it is not? It is still possible to play, but it is moral to be ready to lose. There is always a chance that luck will smile and the pocket will be filled with money. And if you are not lucky, you need to be calm about it. Playing on any of the systems is a necessary experience. That’s why systems are evil, but a newcomer should get acquainted with this evil.

The right expectations from the game

Cards on table

How much more important in the game to be able to set certain frames for yourself. The user should know that he will interrupt the game in this or that case. Let us consider a concrete example. The game is allocated 100 conditional credits. But the game session for all 100 credits is not planned. Instead, the player determines for himself how much he is willing to spend and what the winnings for him means the end of the game.

At this point, usually the first error occurs. The lower limit (the limit of losses) is set so that a person either does not have time to satiate the game and wants to play further, or such that it is almost impossible to achieve. For conditional 100 credits you should choose 50 as the limit. The lower limit of 50 involves about 50 spins, which can bring a win. In very simplified mathematics, such a win will be. In the theory of probability – no. It is better to believe in the theory of probability and immediately assume that the winnings will be almost unrealistic. This roulette is a rare thing to win here.

But with the setting of the upper limit, users are much more likely to be wrong. The fact is that either the goal is set as unattainable, or easily achievable. The upper limit should come from another factor, which will be discussed below. If you play 1 to 4, the upper limit can not be below 200 credits. Because at 1 to 4 probability of winning is extremely high. This is one of the most optimal ways to play, which is used very often.

What other limits can there be when playing? In addition to the limit of loss and win? Disposable boundaries. That is, in the previous conditionality should be remembered that this will be the total gain. But there are also situations when by mistake or because of inaccuracy can play a bet with a better payout and in this case it is worth to have an additional boundary. For example, with 100 credits, which relied on above, this limit will be 50 credits. That is, winning for 1 time 50 credits should immediately finish the game. Such luck rarely turns into a strip.

How to play properly?

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The main factor in the roulette game is the right choice of bets and style of play. Above mentioned, the game can go on a specific payment. That is, you can use the fact that the rules do not prohibit betting on multiple fields. Chance of winning 1 to 36 is quite small, but the chance of winning 1 to 4 is quite great.

By the way, do not forget that 1 to 4, it is not 25% to win. Or rather, it is 25%, but many players for some reason believe that in each 4th game with 25% probability to win they must win. This is not true. This rule is true for random numbers. And roulette is a random number, which can not be subordinated to the laws. So no matter how high the chance is, it is not guaranteed.

So, the above draws a line under the fact that there are no mandatory winnings. This has already baffled the developers. It should just be lucky. And how to increase your chances of luck. Playing at one bet seems attractive. But the moment of such a win is too idealized in different films, and it is shown that such winnings without cheating do not happen. Huge payout because it is such that it is difficult to get it. But it is also worth understanding the other thing. The more bets are made, the less the payout becomes. And it is worth reading the rules of the game machine. Some bets may be very different from the general ones. For example, there may be a situation with bets outside the field, when you can choose something else, not a range. For example, there can be simply no “red” or “even” field. There are such situations.

Games on roulette

So it makes sense to get acquainted with the rules, after that it is necessary to make the right choice concerning the game strategy. Yes, yes, making only specific bets is a strategy. At the rate of 1 to 4 is chosen 9 numbers in the field. That is, the game is conducted essentially in this way: at 1 number, at which the user wins, there are 3 numbers at which he loses. This arrangement seems to be attractive. But there is an important nuance.

It is understood incorrectly. A 1 to 4 bet is an off-field bet. That is, select a range of numbers, which will be winning. And there is only 1 bet. And if you choose 9 numbers in the field the following will happen: 9 independent bets will be made, but the payment will be 1 to 4. The difference is obvious. Even winning, the player loses 5 bets. So, it is necessary to think carefully about such nuances.

What should we do before the game?

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From the above, we can conclude that before the game the user is required to make some actions. The most obvious (like to go to the casino) is simply omitted. Let’s pay attention to those things that are useful in the game itself:

  • read the rules and bets;
  • define the game boundaries and the amount of the game;
  • determine the order and size of bets;
  • stop being afraid

It’s quite simple and some of these things are already described above. But the third point has not been revealed. After all, the fact is that here everyone chooses something for themselves. Some skip every third rotation, but bet mentally. With this even sometimes associated with one of the game boundaries. Others, on the contrary, try not to miss a single spin and the only thing that changes in the game – the size of bets. By the way, it is worth thinking in advance about the boundaries of these changes. This has not been written about before. But if the game comes with a “floating rate”, then these fluctuations need to set the limits. For example, up to 5 sizes of the minimum nominal value. Then it will be easier to plan the further game or to leave it.

Field on roulette

And here what is “not afraid“? It is easy to believe in it, because all players are afraid. The fear of losing is always present. But much more important is the fear of making a mistake. It was written above about the omission of every third bet. A beginner will thoughtlessly follow the system and will not make it. And mentally he will say “7” and it is this number that will fall out. The player is experienced, having felt that now must be lucky to make this bet and will not lose. Or maybe he will. How do I know? Roulette is the “queen of gambling”. It is ruthless and attractive. An experienced gambler always remembers it. He will only do it a couple of times. He won’t be afraid to make a mistake again, but he will be afraid when he realizes that he got carried away to the extreme. Fear does not need anything to lose yet. And when the minimum is at stake, but the winnings – to be afraid. So, the fear of losing should be forgotten, but the fear of losing the winnings – will not hurt.

In general, roulette is quite simple and clear game in which a lot of pitfalls. You need to play it to understand all the nuances and aspects of the game. And the longer a person plays it, the clearer it becomes. And for understanding follows only one thing – more frequent winnings, which will please anyone!